Friday, December 2, 2016

Angular 2 Tour of Heroes with Spring Boot Rest Service

Blogworthy.  So I finally have a topic that actually matches the description of my blog.  A web app with a back end using groovy and java.  I have been working through a few tutorials to get myself up to speed on Angular 2.  I first reviewed Scott Davis's getting ready for angular video tutorial on Safari Book Online.  Scott does a great job presenting and I really like his energy in the video, but his focus was on staying in the strictly ECMAScript world and I was interested in learning the Angular2 Typescript approach, so I was left wanting more.

Angular and Spring.  I had done the Tour of Heroes tutorial just prior to the GA release for Angular 2, but didn't complete it and I wanted to walk through it again.  This time I completed it and for extra bonus points, I built a spring boot back end to support it.  The results are on Github: tour of heroes and hero-service.  As always Promises and now Observables were a bit of a mental challenge for me.  I also tripped up on the need to set up CORS so my angular app on port 3000 could talk to rest on port 8080.

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